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Cyber Security and C&A

Simplifying the subject of cyber security is complicated. A strategy for tackling this topic has to address 

  • The Aspects of Cyber Security that are applicable to you
  • How are you currently protected from Cyber based attacks
  • What is the impact of those attacks should they occur
  • How much time and resources are adequate in order to address the threats and attacks that you are susceptible to.

Constructing a technology, operations, and management plan, complete with budget and timelines are the key to initiating a sustainable Cyber Security Strategy.  

In addition, the first part of that process also includes your investment in Cyber Security Expertise with both an eye on your industry's security compliance regulations and mandates as well as a genuine care for the continued success of your business and organization. 

Creating a Cyber Aware Staff through Training

Encouraging and equipping your staff with the knowledge of cyber security and where they fit in is a good start, providing them with

  • What cyber security is
  • How it affects their job, company, and customers
  • Consequences of Cyber Attacks
  • How they can contribute to making the organization, its products, and services more secure and more compliant


Training your personnel, including engineers, management, and stakeholders on the aspects of Certification and Accreditation (C&A), security controls, systems security engineering, and the specific instructions and regulations under which their organizations fall  will create an even more secure environment.  Promoted within your organization is an attention to the cyber security aspects when decisions are made in regards to technology, operations, and management.

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Simplifying the subject of cyber security requires prior engagement and domain expertise that have been developed over time.  Look for experts that pocess the following

  • Progressive experience in Systems and Network Engineering
  • 5 years of direct DIACAP, HIPAA, RMF experience
  • Industry certifications such as CISSP, ISSEP, ISSAP, CISSA, CEH, CNDA, GPEN, GCIH
  • Prior management of large network, server, and cyber security operations

Having experienced and well credentialed Cyber Security Expertise is the key to integrating a program that is tailored to your organization's specific requirements.  The value that is provided to your organization by such experts is that they can work with you to discern the security aspects and cost/benefit tradeoffs that will drive your decisions towards a progressive and sustainable cyber secure environment and or product/solution

DOD and FEDERAL Cyber Security Compliance

Affects Everything that Operates Electronically